Traffic violations in Qatar have decreased in recent years

Doha: Colonel Dr Muhammad Radi Al Hajri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department of General Directorate of Traffic, has stated that traffic violations in Qatar have decreased in recent years, notably in July of this year, owing to cooperative efforts undertaken by all agencies responsible for road safety.

As he explained to Qatar TV recently, the current traffic strategy is focused on three key elements: enhancing training for traffic enforcement personnel, improving driving school curriculum outcomes, and developing measures for raising traffic awareness. Al Hajri pointed out that one of the main reasons for a decrease in traffic violations is heightened awareness among drivers. Pedestrian crossings have also grown safer on the roadways, thanks to increased education and awareness campaigns.

Cameras installed at crossroads and traffic signals to catch people breaking the law, such as not wearing seat belts or talking on their cell phones, have helped cut down on traffic violations. These cameras have the capability to capture footage of cars that stop in the yellow boxes at junctions and signals, as well as other violations of traffic laws.

The most prevalent traffic infractions committed by drivers were failing to use a seat belt and talking on a cell phone. There were 164,181 traffic infractions in July 2021, a 20.7% reduction from the 206,941 in June 2021.

For the month of July, the Planning and Statistics Authority reported that speeding offences were the most common infractions, even though they fell by around 24.8% compared to June 2021, and the total number of speeding offences in July was 113,243. There were 83 violations of driving licences, and 339 violations of registration and non-renewal Istimara were recorded in July, according to the data.

According to the Authority, there were 16 deaths, 450 minor injuries, and 40 severe injuries as a consequence of traffic incidents in July. Al Mamoura had the most accidents (87), followed by Al Rayyan (82). Driving licences were issued to 5,020 people in July 2021, with 4,463 of those being non-Qataris.

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