Trump could testify in lawsuit filed by protesters against him and his team

Former President Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump.

Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

Among the plans of the former President Donald Trump it’s found go to New York City on Monday next, stop from the Trump Tower in the city send a video message in a case about the repression of protesters during his presidential campaign in 2015, by your security team.

The assumption is supported by documents filed in the state Supreme Court in the Bronx.

The events occurred on September 3, 2015outside of that building. The protest was precisely to deplore the Donald Trump’s negative comments about immigrants mexicans.

Six people of that nationality they say they were attacked, and for that reason they filed the lawsuit against Trump, the Trump Organization, their security personnel and their presidential campaign.

The Associated Press reports that it did not get a response from three lawyers for the former president, when asked for information.

Doris Gonzalez, Justice of the State Supreme Court, rejected Trump’s intention to dismiss the subpoena.

According to the lawyers for those who sued, the former president must have known that his team was going to act “recklessly or negligently.”

Benjamin Dictor, lawyer, assured: “This is a case about the Donald Trump security escorts attacking peaceful protesters on a public sidewalk. We will take the testimony of Donald Trump, under oath, on Monday, after years of delaying attempts by the defendants to protect him from this questioning. We look forward to presenting the video of Mr. Trump’s testimony before a jury at his trial. ”

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