Trump: “Our country is being poisoned by undocumented immigrants … most of them are dangerous”

Trump takes up his rhetoric against immigrants.

Trump takes up his rhetoric against immigrants.

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The ex-president Donald trump increases its presence on the political scene and toughens its discourse against immigrants, by ensuring that the undocumented “poison” the United States and, without indicating their sources or reliable data, said that most of these people are “dangerous.”

“Our country is being poisoned by the millions of people who flow illegally across our borders, in most cases not even questioned or detained,” said the former president. “Many are criminals from empty prisons in other countries, most of them are very dangerous people.”

The Republican took the opportunity to launch himself against the president Joe biden, ensuring that it is doing “nothing” to stop the caravans, in addition to demanding that it conclude with the border wall, according to a report by The New York Post to which it sent its position on the recent migrant caravan.

“Our country is dying from within and no one is doing anything to stop it,” Trump said. “The first thing to do, and it can be done quickly, is FINISH THE WALL.”

Then he assured that there must be a deal with Mexico to serve as “a barrier” against immigrants.

“A deal must be made with Mexico (that serves) as a 2,000-mile barrier, not as a launching pad for the illegals who are entering,” he said.

Despite criticism about allowing the entry of undocumented immigrants, the former president does not take into consideration that the migratory flow of fiscal year 2021 began when he was in office, although it increased as his term approached.

Recent unofficial reports indicate that the Biden Administration detained 1.7 million immigrants at the border, while, as of August, at least 1.2 million people were deported or expelled, according to a count by the United We Dream organization.

The Biden Administration faces a migration crisis, due to pressure from civil organizations to end the policies of former President Trump, mainly the application of Title 42 and the program “Remain in Mexico” or Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which It will be restarted in November following a court order.


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