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Twitter: Find old tweets from a profile in the app

Some Twitter users are tweets for all they’ve got. GIGA shows how you can search through old tweets from a single user for specific words without having to scroll through thousands of other messages.

You can use the “advanced search” in the desktop browser. This allows certain filters to be set for the search. The “Advanced search” does not work in the Twitter app on the smartphone. But there is still the possibility to refine your search.

Twitter: Account search for words

If you use the search function via the bar above, you will initially get everything that fits your query, unfiltered. This can be posts, users, hashtags or other content. However, if you want to search through old tweets from a single profile for specific words, proceed as follows:

Opens the Twitter app. Tap on that Search field. Now enter the search command “from: @“Followed by the Twitter name of the desired user and your search term.
So if you are looking for a “#BelaLiga” issue with your favorite footballer, for example, enter “from: @hannoderbus zidan” a. Search queries can be expanded with operators. For example, you can insert a hashtag and search for “from: @hannoderbus störzenhofecker #belaliga”.

Of course, you need the Twitter name for the search query. You can see this on the profile page under the profile picture. It is the shape with a preceding “@” symbol.

Quickly browse old tweets from a profile (iOS)

Users of the Twitter iOS app have it even easier to search for specific tweets by a user.

Instead of the extended search command, you will find a magnifying glass directly on the Twitter profile of the corresponding user. You can now use the magnifying glass symbol to search for words that the user has used in his Twitter messages in the past.

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