UAE regulator investigates Emirates flight abort at Dubai airport

Dubai: An Emirates airline passenger jet aborted takeoff this month at Dubai airport, the airline said on Saturday, leading the United Arab Emirates’ civil aviation regulator to launch an investigation.

The inquiry follows another passenger flight that failed to increase its ascent immediately after takeoff in December. The flight landed safely.

Safety is Emirates’ top priority, a company spokesperson said. The aborted takeoff from Dubai on Jan. 9 did not cause any damage to the aircraft or result in any injuries.

During departure, the jet was instructed to “reject take-off”, which the spokesperson said, “was accomplished successfully.”

This incident is being investigated by the Air Accident Investigation Sector of the General Civil Aviation Authority, the spokesperson said. Additionally, the company is looking into the incident.

Using its flight-tracking website, FlightRadar24 reported that the Boeing 777 jet took off while another 777 crossed the runway. Wide-body jet aborted takeoff after reaching 100 knots, according to the report.

Emirates has publicly described a technical failure that occurred recently on a flight from Dubai to Washington DC as a “technical incident” that is already being investigated by the regulator.

The Air Current, citing FlightRafar24, reports that the passenger jet was unusually low over a neighbourhood after taking off from Dubai. It landed safely in the United States. The GCAA did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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