UFC fires Modestas Bukauskas one month after surgery


Modest Bukauskas had to be operated on due to the kick he received from Khalil Rountree Jr. in his last fight in UFC, which was his third straight loss after four fights at the company. and he himself has confirmed to that he has been fired while he is recovering to go back to the cage. In the interview he also gave details of the surgery on his leg and how he is doing at the moment.

UFC fires Modestas Bukauskas

“Obviously it is extremely painful because they had to do a lot of things (to the leg). But the main thing is that it was a great success. Everything went according to plan and I am on the road to recovery.

«I knew it was going to be quite a painful operation because it is the most I have done, but hey, I’ll be back to full throttle when I get back.

«I definitely feel like I’m of UFC caliber and ready to go ahead and put on a show.. I have learned the lessons and I have learned the things that I need to correct.

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