US lawmakers ask Joe Biden to review his ties with Brazil for Bolsonaro

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

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A total of 63 congressmen from USA they requested the president Joe biden that pressure your Brazilian counterpart, Jair bolsonaro, with a review of bilateral ties to prevent it from further eroding democratic institutions in his country.

Legislators they sent a letter to biden to urge you to pressure the president of Brazil to also prevent the electoral manipulation, the corruption and the deforestation from the Amazon rainforest.

In the letter, they urged Biden to send “a clear message” to Bolsonaro that if it continues with its attacks on the electoral process in Brazil, bilateral ties will be “seriously compromised.”

Specifically, they ask that relationships be reviewed to adjust them in such a way that they encourage “less harmful” behavior on the part of Bolsonaro.

To that end, the congressmen propose to review cooperation in the field of counterterrorism and the fight against drugs, and the offer made to Brazil to become a NATO partner.

In this regard, they recalled that in 2019 Brazil was designated as a strategic military ally of the United States. outside NATO, which, they warned, has been used by Bolsonaro for his own political benefit.

“Dangerous” policies

This type of designation is given by the Government of Washington to several of its allied countries, which collaborate with US forces, but are not members of NATO.

The denomination opens the door to the delivery of surplus defense articles and the organization of joint maneuvers with the United States.

“Offering the Brazilian government the opportunity to become a NATO partner would indicate that the US does not have any serious problem with human rights, democracy and environmental violations that take place in Brazil,” the legislators warned.

Therefore, they asked Biden to, at a minimum, The United States once again has the same degree of relationship it had with Brazil before the Presidency of Donald Trump (2017-2021), who had Bolsonaro as one of his main international allies.

This measure would mean a cancellation of the designation of Brazil as a strategic military ally outside NATO, which was granted to this country by Trump, and to withdraw the offer made to Brasilia by the former US president to enter the Atlantic Alliance.

The lawmakers indicated in the text that Bolsonaro’s term, which began in January 2019, has been marked by undemocratic policies.

“Bolsonaro has launched a wide range of policies that endanger vulnerable minority groups, have created high unemployment rates, damaged the environment, threatened Brazil’s relatively young democracy and led to unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands from COVID-19, ″ they listed.

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