Use more than one Instagram account together

Having more than one Instagram account together has become very popular recently, in addition to workers managing the accounts of the platform.

Also, some influencers on the platform may have more than one account, as they have a personal account and another account for work.

Therefore, many people need to manage more than one account on the Instagram platform, and you can do this without using any third-party applications.

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Use more than one Instagram account together

The method we are now mentioning is official and officially supported by the platform, so you can get alerts from both accounts through the app.

You can connect more than one account together in the Instagram mobile application by following these steps:

Head to the application and open it, and then click on your profile picture from the bottom.

When you go to your personal page, click on your username, specifically the small arrow inside it.

This opens a window inviting you to create a new account via the platform, or add an old account that you already own, so click on Add Old Account.

And when you finish entering your new account information, you will find that the account is now working automatically without your intervention.

You can switch between accounts by pressing the small arrow button next to your username.

There you will find a list of all the Instagram accounts that you are logged into on this phone or this version of the app.

And you can treat each account individually as if it is a separate account and use it in a separate phone, not all of them are in the same phone.

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Other ways to run more than one account at once

There are a bunch of different ways you can run more than one account at once, some of these are official and some are unofficial.

You can do this by using an app clone and using different versions of apps like parrallel space or other official apps from companies.

These apps allow you to create more than one separate version of the Instagram app, and then use each account separately.

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