Used PS4 Pro gives you up to 210 euros

GameStop gives you up to 210 euros for a used PS4 Pro including accessories. You can still hand in other models of the PS4 to the retail chain.

GameStop: Used PS4 Pro gives you up to 210 euros

GameStop has started a new trade-in campaign, under which you can get up to 210 euros when you hand in a used console. This price is for PS4 Pro consoles. For other models of the PS4 you get less, as the following list shows:

  • PS4 500GB with controller – 125 euros
  • PS4 1TB with controller – 135 euros
  • PS4 Slim 500GB with controller – 150 euros
  • PS4 Slim 1TB with controller – 165 euros
  • PS4 Pro 1 TB with controller – 210 euros

Exchange campaign until the end of November

The extended campaign started today and will run until November 30, 2021. According to GameStop, only fully functioning consoles and the original accessories including power cables will be accepted. If your controller did not survive your gaming sessions or you want to keep it: According to the dealer, consoles without controllers are also bought for a corresponding deduction.

The purchase price is either credited to a purchase at GameStop or issued as a voucher card. A cash payment of the amount is only possible if there is enough cash available in the respective branch. Due to the security measures, this is not always the case and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

GameStop limits the action as follows:

  • Only people of legal age can participate.
  • Only one console will be accepted per person.
  • An earlier termination of the promotion is not ruled out.

The console you have brought with you will be checked and assessed in the branch, which, according to GameStop, takes about 15 minutes. An appointment may be necessary, for example if there is a lot of demand.

More about GameStop:

If the inspection reveals that the console is damaged or accessories are missing, you will either be offered a reduced purchase price or GameStop will reject the purchase entirely. A reverse transaction is excluded. You can find all other conditions on the GameStop landing page.

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