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Utah authorities rescued 87 marathoners from a snowstorm

Several of the marathoners had mild hypothermic symptoms when they were rescued.

Several of the marathoners had mild hypothermic symptoms when they were rescued.

Photo: Davis County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy

Authorities in Utah rescued 87 marathoners Saturday after they adverse weather conditions caused up to 18 inches of snow, forcing the competition to be canceled. Some of the athletes did not suffer any damage, but others had primary symptoms of hypothermia, so had to be transferred to a nearby hospital.

The DC Peaks 50 race covers 50 miles of travel and had to be called off shortly after 9:00 a.m. Saturday when the Davis County Sheriff received a call for an “emergency situation” during the race. It was then that they began to evacuate the participants and by 2:00 pm they had all been removed from the route.

According to the official website of the DC Peaks 50, the race is a “hard course” in which participants can reach 12,000 feet in height by crossing several mountains.

“Venturing into the mountains, trails, and bodies of water [como lagos y ríos] at this time of year it can be dangerous because weather changes rapidly and conditions can suddenly become life threateningDavis County Sheriff Kelly Sparks said in an official statement.

Kelcey McClung Stowell, a marathon runner, told The New York Times that the large number of nine fell suddenly and that “took her by surprise” since she expected a “light layer of snow” during the tour.

According to NBC News, temperatures reached as high as 20 ° F and were recorded winds up 40 miles per hour Saturday morning.

Despite the adverse conditions and the sudden evacuation of the marathoners, none suffered fatal injuries and no serious injuries were reported.

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