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VIDEO: A house is “swallowed” by the water as a result of the heavy rains in India that leave 48 dead

The death toll from torrential rains in Kerala, India, rose to 48 on Tuesday, according to reports. The Times of India. More than 9,000 people have been evacuated and the government set up more than 200 aid centers for those affected throughout the region.

According AccuWeather, The rains are not expected to stop in the next few days but more water could fall for the next few hours, what could make the scenario worse.

In a video, you can see how a house is swallowed by a raging river that has run riot due to large amounts of water that have fallen in Kerala, a state near the border with Nepal and more than 2,000 kilometers north of New Delhi.

Annually, the monsoon season in India begins in July and ends in approximately October. That is why Kerala is not a region alien to the rains, but during the last days the amount of water that has fallen in the state has been extreme and has caused river overflows, floods, dozens of deaths and hundreds of missing till the date.

Only on monday fell more than 9 inchess of rain in Kerala.

“I am distraught at the loss of life due to the heavy rains in Kerala. (I hope) That the injured recover soon. Rescue operations are underway to help those affected. I pray for everyone’s safety and well-being, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet.

AccuWeather meteorologists, meanwhile, indicated that search and rescue efforts in the region could be affected in the coming days because the rains are unlikely to stop at least for this week.

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