VIDEO: A meteorite fell on the bed of a lady in British Columbia while she slept

The lady woke up alarmed and with remains of debris on her body and bed at the moment of impact.

The lady woke up alarmed and with remains of debris on her body and bed at the moment of impact.

Photo: STAN HONDA / Getty Images

A 66-year-old woman woke up on Sunday night, October 3, after a space rock fell from the other side of her bed. At first, he believed that it was an intruder who had entered his home, since the noise was such that he thought it had been a shot.

Ruth Hamilton and her dog woke up excited that nightThen the septuagenarian called 911 to report that someone had entered her home. Shortly after calling local authorities, he discovered a rock in his bed and a hole in the roof of his home in Golden, British Columbia, Canada.

I turned around and there was a stone under the pillowHamilton told Global BC.

The rock is slightly larger than a baseball and landed a few inches from your head. Hamilton stated that he suffered no harm and that she just woke up with some debris on top of her that night.

Throughout history, there are several stories of people killed by a meteorite impact. It is highly unlikely, but it is even less likely that a space rock will land on someone’s bed while they sleep at night.

According Phys.org, there is only one official record of a person killed by the impact of a space rock dropped from the sky. This happened in 1888 in Iraq.

The odds of being struck by lightning, for example, is about 1 in 15,300. On the other hand, numbers indicate that the chances of a meteor landing on the side of the bed while someone is sleeping is 1 in 100 billion, Peter Brown told CBC English.

Moments before landing on Hamilton’s bed, the meteor was seen soaring through the skies in other locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Even, according to AccuWeather, various astronomers determined that the meteorite came of the asteroid belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter.

Since the rock fell on Hamilton’s property, it is legally his and he stated that he will keep it as a memento once scientists examine it thoroughly.

“Every time I go to the room, I say, ‘Oh my gosh that could have hit me‘”Hamilton told Global BC.

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