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Video | Conor McGregor walks with Dee Devlin in Rome and people go crazy


Conor mcgregor just posted a video in their social networks in which We see him walking through Rome with his partner, Dee Devlin, while people go crazy around him. It is certainly not a surprising image since the Irishman is one of the biggest sports stars in the world, not for nothing is he the highest paid athlete on the planet and every time he takes to the streets everyone is aware of each one of his steps. Whether in the United States, Ireland or Italy.


«It’s great to see Italy, and especially Rome, with strong, vibrant and energetic feet, and Italian silk on the skin, it’s butter, no, it’s McGregor and the Italians.

We also check that “The Notorious” is making a great recovery from his leg injury and that it seems that he will not have major complications to return to action as soon as they find a fight, perhaps in the first months of 2022. In fact, right now there is no specific date but it may be that at the beginning of next year he can enter the Octagon to try to get back on the winning track after two consecutive defeats.

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