VIDEO: Drones on La Palma monitor and feed animals trapped by lava

Several companies have contacted Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life to coordinate the rescue of the animals.

Several companies have contacted Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life to coordinate the rescue of the animals.

Photo: Cabildo de La Palma / Courtesy

The companies Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life have fed several dogs and cats trapped by the lava from the volcano on La Palma for five days. In a statement they said they will continue to do so if weather conditions permit.

Given the impossibility of accessing these places due to the high temperatures of the volcanic soil, the two companies have been monitoring, hydrating and feeding various dogs and cats.

The animal protection organization UPA La Palma, indicated that it closely follows the operations with drones and detailed in its Facebook account that this “is the only way they survive until they can be removed”From the upper part of Todoque, a town on the island.

For his part, Nieves Rosa Arroyo, Minister of Security and Emergencies in La Palma, said that they found out about this situation recently and officially commissioned the two companies to care for the animals until they can be rescued.

Both companies have veterinary advice that informs them what type of food and drink the animals need in those places. Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life said in a statement that they began to perform these tasks selflessly and that they will continue to do so as long as the weather conditions of the island allow it.

However, the volcanological authorities of the island foresee that the areas where the animals are will be consumed by the lava in the coming days. Faced with this situation, several organizations with cargo drones contacted the two companies to coordinate a possible rescue of the pets, according to EFE.

The volcano has not stopped emitting lava since it erupted on September 19. Since then it has consumed more than 700 hectares of land on the island, destroying homes, structures, highways and buildings whose damage is estimated to exceed 200 million euros to date.

With information from La Razón, EFE and 20 minutes.

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