VIDEO: Man catches his wife with a lover, chases him and stabs him to death

Infidelity ends in crime.

Infidelity ends in crime.

Photo: Security camera video capture / Courtesy

A video from a security camera captured the moment in which a man escaped from the husband of his lover but finally reaches him and tip several stabs in Brazil.

It would be a case related to infidelity that occurred in the Campo Novo do Parecis sector, in the city of Mato Grosso, in Brazil.

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The victim was a 38-year-old man identified as Leandro Alves de Teles, and who received approximately 20 stab wounds in various parts of his body from Cicero Brito Silva.

The images show the victim who looks desperate as he tries to enter a commercial premises seeking shelter to escape from the suspect who was running after him with a knife and, shortly after, the victim appears to stagger and falls to the ground.

Even defenseless Leandro was the victim of more stab wounds.

According to Military Police, the suspect followed his wifeHe saw her and Leandro talking, which triggered his jealousy and his terrible reaction.

After stabbing the victim, the suspect fled the scene, but was captured moments after committing the crime.

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