VIDEO: Narcos of the Gulf Cartel steal cars from elderly couple

VIDEO: Narcos of the Gulf Cartel steal cars from elderly couple

VIDEO: Narcos of the Gulf Cartel steal cars from elderly couple

Photo: Video capture Menny Risk Alert / Courtesy

Alleged drug traffickers of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) they stole two vehicles to escape the authorities who were chasing them to stop them.

In the scenes it is seen how armed men threaten an older man and They try to open a vehicle, while another subject asks for the keys, so the victim throws them at him and they question him until he tells them that his car is the black Chevrolet Beat, then the man asks them to give him something that was in the car and it is then that one of the subjects throws the object at him .

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Then you see how the armed men get into the car and They leave the place, while a woman comes out of a house whom the elderly man hugs and tries to reassure.

Moments later, the aggressors returned and stole another vehicle which apparently was also from the same victims.

According to reports, it all happened after state police intervened to prevent the theft of a trailer by a group of hitmen on a street in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood, south west of Matamoros.

It was then that the gunmen shot the agents, which left two policemen wounded.

Given this, elements of the Mexican army and the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) who arrived in support, clashed with gunmen who were traveling in at least eight vans at the intersection of Constituyentes and Casablanca avenues, in the Valle de Casablanca subdivision.

The balance of the clashes that lasted several hours was at least 4 members of the Gulf Cartel killed and the two policemen wounded.

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