VIDEO: Serial rapist falls who also robbed his victims, most of them young women

Lenin alleged serial rapist in border state.

Lenin alleged serial rapist in border state.

Photo: NL Prosecutor’s Office / Courtesy

A man who would be involved in 7 robberies with violence and sexual abuse of their victims, most of them just a few girls, in the municipality of Juárez, in the border state of Nuevo León, was detained when an arrest warrant was issued against him for at least 2 events.

According to information from the Attorney General’s Office, in the early hours of the morning the suspect approached women who were walking through sectors where there were vacant lots.

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There he threatened them with a sharp weapon, tied them up on the ground, took away their phone and abused them.

Lenin, 36, was detained outside the Gonzalitos Ministerial Police facilities, where he was notified of the arrest warrant for a Control Judge for the crime of Robbery with Violence and Rape.

Then they transferred him to a State Prison.

The alleged criminal is accused of the theft and abuse of a 20-year-old woman committed on August 30 in the Héctor Caballero neighborhood in Juárez.

Also of another similar incident, on August 25, in the Vistas del Río neighborhood, where he raped a 22-year-old woman.

A source from the State Investigations Agency assured that their participation in 5 other cases committed in the same municipality, since during August and September, in the Los Cántaros, Los Reyes, Punta Esmeralda Residential, Seminario and Los Agaves colonies is being investigated.

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