VIDEO: Woman yells “thief” at former president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto when leaving a luxury hotel in Italy

In Rome Italy, a woman who identified the former president of Mexico Enrique Peña NietoHe took advantage of the moment to take photos and video of him while repeatedly shouting “thief” at him.

It was through the social network Twitter that The user with the profile called “Karen Y. TV3” released two videos in which the former Mexican president is observed at the main entrance of the “Hotel de la Ville”, located at Vía Sistina 69, awaiting the arrival of a taxi, accompanied by his girlfriend the model Tania Ruiz.

The first video shows how the former Mexican president tries to hide so as not to be captured by the user’s camera, while Tania Ruiz, wearing a hat and mask, remains calm while waiting for the taxi.

Here is the first video. He was standing waiting for his taxi when I recognized him and he no longer knew how to hide … he only stuck his head out to look at me that I told all the people that he was the former president of Mexico and that he is a thief ”, said the user on Twitter.

In the second video, you can see the moment when Tania Ruiz and Enrique Peña Nieto board the taxi while the woman is heard saying: “thief, he is a thief and he is leaving, to be president that littleIn a taxi? Everyone has what they deserve and they are going to go to jail, they are going to pay for everything ”.

“Former President Enrique Peña Nieto getting into a taxi and celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday while yelling at her that he is a thief and that he deserves jail. How good that not even in Rome is so comfortable and that there are Mexicans exposing it. Although it is good that he stays in a hotel for $ 2 thousand a night, “wrote the user when broadcasting the second video.

The Twitter user also shared photos of the former Mexican president where it is seen that he was also wearing a mask, along with Tania Ruiz, waiting for the taxi.

“I know that a President deserves respect but we citizens also deserve it… if he does not want to be recognized, he should cover himself more and be more discreet. At last he is a public figure. “, The user commented in other tweets after spreading the photos and videos of Enrique Peña Nieto and his girlfriend.

Welcome to all my new followers. I never would have thought of all the repercussions that my act and video with EPN had. My mother scolded me and told me that he is going to pay for everything he has done because at last we all pay for what we do, the good and the bad, but I really don’t regret it, ”the woman reiterated on Twitter.

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