We are keen to cooperate with “human rights” actors.

His Excellency Mr. Sultan bin Hassan Al Jamali, Executive Director of the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions, stressed that defending human rights and freedoms, and working seriously to promote and protect them for the noblest goals of national human rights institutions.
“The network is keen to extend bridges of cooperation with all the actors in the Arab region, especially the Arab Human Rights Committee (the Charter Committee) of the League of Arab States,” he said.
This came during a speech he delivered yesterday at the Arab Network’s participation in the meeting of the Charter Committee’s discussion of the first periodic national report of the State of Kuwait.
Al-Jamali referred to the Memorandum of Understanding of the Arab Network with the Charter Committee, which aims to provide mutual support between the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions and the Arab Human Rights Committee in all areas of human rights, including the exchange of experiences, and raising the capabilities of national human rights institutions in the Arab world in the field of work. On the provisions of the Arab Charter on Human Rights, and submitting parallel reports before the Arab Human Rights Committee, as well as adopting the Arab Charter on Human Rights as one of the references on which national institutions rely in their reports.
He explained that experience has proven that the presence of regional human rights mechanisms has an added value alongside international human rights mechanisms, and said: The regional mechanisms are working to follow the same method of work with their greater relevance, adhesion, and proximity to the regional and country situation of each Arab country, which gave them a broader horizon to promote and protect Human rights in the Arab region.
Al-Jamali confirmed the Arab Network’s continuation of its cooperation with the League of Arab States, and said: We will work to complete our programs in building and raising capacities.

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