What do the wrong e-mails and calls from the BKA want?

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) enjoys trust among the population. So who would doubt the truth of a phone call or email from the Office? Fraudsters are currently taking advantage of this, which the BKA also warns of. GIGA gives the facts.

There comes a call from Wiesbaden and the BKA answers at the other end – that is extraordinary enough. If the identity card number is checked, the ordinary citizen obeys. If an email comes from the BKA, it looks similar. But in both cases it is fakes!

What is behind the BKA fake emails?

the E-mails seem to come from the Federal Criminal Police Office, but the Email address for example come from domains like, which have nothing to do with the BKA. Of the The sender is allegedly the director of the BKAwho signed with “Holzer.BKA”. The email claims that the recipient has “child pornographic material“Accessed on the Internet, which is why a”Legal proceedings“Had been initiated.
To avoid severe punishment, one should express oneself at an e-mail address which is from the French domain ““Originates. the The main danger lies in the mail attachments: These work at first glance like PDF files, but in fact it is probably Trojansused to steal personal data from the computer or encrypt data in order to extort money.

The BKA advises not to react to these e-mails, to delete them and under no circumstances to open the e-mail attachments.

What to do if the BKA allegedly calls?

The alleged calls from the BKA are also fakes. What exactly is to be achieved with this is not entirely clear, but at least personal data and even the identity card number are requested. Fraudsters can use this information to conclude contracts unintentionally.

This is known from the fake BKA calls:

The calls have them Wiesbaden area code 0611 and often start with 916. It is to be expected, however, that this display comes about through “call ID spoofing”, whereby a computer transmits fake phone numbers. In contrast to the BKA, the perpetrators are certainly not in Wiesbaden. A tape announcement claims that the BKA initiated criminal proceedings have and now Check data want. To do this, you should Press “1” and then the Enter ID number. Possibly the Data misused. But it is also possible that by pressing the “1” you can get to a expensive, chargeable number is forwarded. If you use a cell phone, you should be sure to set up a third-party lock, which prevents such connections from charging your bill.

The Federal Criminal Police Office also points out that neither suspects would call nor request such data. When such a call comes in, it is best to hang up immediately and report it to the police.

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