What relationship will the Taliban establish with the US in the fight against IS?

A burqa-clad woman carrying a sack walks along a street in Kabul on October 8, 2021. (Photo by Hoshang Hashimi / AFP) (Photo by HOSHANG HASHIMI / AFP via Getty Images)

A burqa-clad woman carrying a sack walks along a street in Kabul on October 8, 2021. (Photo by Hoshang Hashimi / AFP) (Photo by HOSHANG HASHIMI / AFP via Getty Images)

Photo: HOSHANG HASHIMI / AFP / Getty Images

In the first face-to-face meeting Come in taliban and representatives of USA from the withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August, the first asked help to unblock international funds, as well as having “positive relationships”.

The Foreign Minister of the Interim Taliban Government, Amir Khan Muttaqi, stated in a statement that “high-level” delegations of both parties “maintained detailed conversations”During the first day of meetings in Doha.

“In this meeting we talk about humanitarian assistance and we insist that the Doha agreement it must be fully applied. The Afghan integrity and airspace they should be respected, and there should be no interference in internal affairs, ”Muttaqi said.

The taliban and USA they reached a agreement in February 2020 in Doha that marked the withdrawal end of the country’s US troops, a circumstance that the fundamentalists took advantage of to launch a rapid offensive and take back Kabul last August 15.

According to the Taliban, participants underscored the need to “maintain positive relationships and the contacts“.

International community

Fundamentalists called on Washington to contribute to unlock international funds, suspended by many countries and institutions after the collapse of the previous government, Muttaqi said.

“We are trying to have extensive meetings with the Americans, and in the next few days we will meet with European representatives to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan with the international community, “added the minister.

Muttaqi stressed that the Taliban seek to maintain positive relationships with the international community to ensure the distribution of humanitarian aid.

The United States Government, for its part, stressed that its priority is departure of the few Americans and other foreigners that remain in Afghanistan, and that the Taliban fulfill their commitment to do not allow terrorists on Afghan soil to threaten the security of the United States or its allies.

Washington also pledged to pressure fundamentalists to respect the rights of women and girls.

His reconciliation speech

The Taliban have held a speech of some reconciliation and openness that contrasts with his first government between 1996 and 2001, marked by human rights violations.

But for the moment the international community has chosen the caution Given the restriction of women’s rights, the growing complaints of abuse and the announcement of a Interim government made up solely of Taliban and no female presence.

Before the meetings, the group’s political spokesperson, Suhail shaheen, had told The Associated Press that there would be no cooperation with Washington to go after the increasingly active IS affiliate in Afghanistan.

We can stop Daesh independentlyShaheen said when asked if the Taliban would want to work with the United States to contain it. The spokesperson used an Arabic acronym for IS.

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