WhatsApp changes how you can delete sent messages

WhatsApp made it possible a long time ago to delete messages that had already been sent. Exactly this function will soon be completely turned on its head, because a limitation should be completely eliminated in the future.

WhatsApp allows deletion of all sent messages

If you write a message in WhatsApp that you would rather not have sent afterwards, you can delete it in individual or group chats for a certain period of time. There is a tight time limit in which this works. WhatsApp initially started with 7 minutes and that Then time limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds elevated. It stayed that way. If you wait too long, you can no longer delete messages for everyone. But that is changing.

According to the information from WABetaInfo, the time limit for deleting sent messages for all readers has been extremely increased. In the trial version of WhatsApp for Android with version, the WhatsApp experts could not determine what the new time limit looks like. You could Delete messages that were more than three months old. It is assumed that there will be no time limit in the future.

That could change in the final version. During the development of the current delete function for messages that had already been sent, various time spans were tried out in advance. It is also unclear whether only Messages are deleted without a time limit that were sent after installing the new version. A lot is currently happening in the background with WhatsApp, so there is still a lot in the dark.

in the Video we show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp improves picture-in-picture functionality

Just recently, WhatsApp made a small but fine improvement. Using the picture-in-picture function, you can now control the content of a video and also continue to move around in Messenger. That creates significantly more freedom and facilitates operation enormously.

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