Why climate change increases the threat of migration, instability and war

The effects of climate change go beyond what we believed some time ago.

The effects of climate change go beyond what we believed some time ago.

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Reports from the White House and the United States Department of Defense they throw that the effects of climate change become a threat to the national security of the country, since can lead to instability and conflict especially in developing countries.

The reports indicate that, in addition to droughts and extreme weather, countries will start to compete for food and water, between cross-border migratory waves. They are announced a month before the scheduled meeting between leaders in Glasgow, Scotland, to talk precisely about climate change.

Specifically, a climate report prepared by the National Intelligence Council, warns that global tensions pose a particular risk due to the climate change: Afghanistan, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia and Iraq.

It also warns of the possibility of increased instability in Central Africa and the island states of the Pacific Ocean.

The decline in revenues from oil and other fossil fuels in the Middle East, could put under pressure the countries of the region, mired in extreme heat and prolonged droughts.

“The intensification of the physical effects exacerbate geopolitical flash pointsIn particular after 2030, key countries and regions will face increasing risks of instability and the need for humanitarian assistance ”, he adds.

The Pentagon, for its part, underlines the increased migration due to high temperatures, which increases the risk of failed states due to the collapse of governments.

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