Will Apple respond to Google’s invitation and put iMessage at risk

Messaging apps are essential apps for any user. Perhaps the iMessage app from Apple is one of the most prominent messaging and chatting apps ever. However, Apple provides it exclusively only for its devices. it seems that a company Google will try to change that.

This is where the vice president of the Android department at Google invited Apple to include RCS technology in iPhone phones in particular and the company’s products in general. This is so that Android phone users can communicate with iPhone users comfortably.

And this is in light of the adoption of iPhone phones on the iMessage application as the main application for communication and messaging. This is in addition to the solutions available to all platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp, of course.

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RCS technology is described as the new generation of direct messaging technology, which comes to replace the outdated SMS technology. This technology allows you to send and receive high-quality photos, payments, locations and files directly through the built-in Messages application on Android phones.

This means that this technology will make the usual SMS application provide a user experience similar to applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Google has already integrated this technology into the Android system, and other companies have begun to support it, as the default messaging application in Samsung phones has become supported.

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Google wants to provide RCS for iPhones

Google has already secured dozens of deals with ISPs in general to support this feature on Android phones. This is because communicating, sending and receiving files via RCS requires an internet connection.

Google aims to adopt this new protocol across all devices and platforms, as much as possible. Which prompted her to invite Apple to adopt it, too.

Perhaps Google’s invitation to Apple is not official enough, as it appeared in Tweet To Vice President of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, which he didn’t even mention Apple directly. Rather, his tweet stated the importance of all platforms adopting this protocol.

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Apple has not yet responded to Lockheimer’s tweet. Informed sources have also ruled out a response from the Cupertino giant with Google in this matter, given that it would jeopardize an important competitive advantage in iMessage with this cooperation, which is its exclusiveness to iPhone owners.

On the other hand, the RCS technology/protocol still needs a lot of development, as it is not fully supported yet, and Google provides this technology in its messaging application mainly.

It is expected that RCS will continue to grow and develop until one day it will replace traditional SMS. But this will not happen soon, rather it is a process that takes many years.

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Currently, users of iPhones, iPads, and even Mac computers are able to communicate with each other directly and without restrictions via iMessage, relying on the Internet and in the same way that the RCS feature works, which some believe came primarily to provide an alternative to the iMessage application for Android phones.

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