Windows 11 offers two versions of Microsoft Teams

The Windows 11 operating system comes with two versions of the Microsoft Teams video calling application, which comes previously integrated into the system and is available directly in the taskbar and is the default application for users to communicate with friends and family members.

The difference between the two versions of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

According For Microsoft, there are two versions of the Teams application, one of which is directed to individuals who use personal Microsoft accounts only, and the other version is for institutions and schools, and they are distinguished by the logo.

The personal version has a blue letter T inside a white panel while these colors are reversed in the other version’s logo.

If the user tries to sign in to the app with their work or school account, they will be redirected to download the work app.

Users who installed the app before upgrading to Windows 11 can continue to use the work-oriented version of the app.

If the user previously used the app for both personal and work accounts, he will find an app dedicated to each purpose after upgrading.

And if the user mistakenly tries to log in to the wrong version of the application. The application automatically sends a notification alerting the use of the copy by account.

New features in the Times app

According to the company, Windows 11 is the first version of Windows designed for the era of blended work, and the built-in Excellence app aims to address the increasingly blurred lines between our personal and work-related activities.

To this end, the company has released several features of the application designed for personal conversations. This includes mode Front row.

It includes methods designed to bridge the mixed working gap between those physically present in the meeting and remote participants.

The front row layout also displays meeting information such as the agenda, tasks, notes, and chat for those away and those in the office.

Other new video layouts aim to increase screen space by dividing the video gallery across all available displays when the screen is not shared, so that more remote participants can be seen in the room.

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