Without Huawei: Honors foldable phones are coming to Europe

As an alternative to Huawei, Honor is becoming increasingly popular. As it now turns out, the Chinese manufacturer has also set interesting goals for Europe. With the Honor Magic Wing and Honor Magic Fold, two new brand names have been registered that refer to foldable smartphones.

Honor: Foldable smartphones planned for Europe

The former Huawei subsidiary Honor has registered two new brand names in Europe. These do not allow any other conclusion than that attacks are to be carried out with foldable smartphones in Europe as well. With the Honor Magic Wing and Honor Magic Fold two devices could be planned – or the manufacturer has not yet decided on the name.

So far, only the manufacturer itself knows what exactly Honor is planning to do in the field of folding phones. With the Galaxy Z-Fold series, there is already strong competition and Xiaomi would also like to get a piece of the cake. In the case of the Magic Wing or Magic Fold, an internal display is supposed to be installed, which when opened on a 8 inches diagonal comes. The cover display, in turn, could be 6.5 inches diagonally. Honor is said to have chosen BOE and Visionox as the supplier for the two panels (source: IT Home via Gizmochina).

Previously, there had been speculation that Honor might have its first folding smartphone of its own under the name Magic X could present. This name is very close to Huawei’s Mate X series, which can also be folded.

Most recently, the sparkling Honor 50 was presented. All information about this in our hands-onVideo:

Honor phones are growing in popularity

After the spin-off from Huawei, the Future Honors unsure at first. In the meantime, however, it is clear that Honor is establishing itself as an independent brand. In China, it has already overtaken Xiaomi and Apple and is now in third place behind Oppo and Vivo in terms of smartphone sales.

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