Xbox: Microsoft is finally bringing a strong range of consoles to Germany

With Xbox All Access, Microsoft is now offering a new purchase option for gamers: You can now grab an Xbox Series X | S bundled with a Game Pass Ultimate membership at a monthly rate.

Microsoft is now also launching the Xbox All Access offer in Germany: With the bundle, you can choose between an Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S and gets the console delivered to your home together with a Game Pass Ultimate membership. Over the next two years, you will then pay for the console in monthly installments, comparable to a mobile phone tariff.

Xbox All Access: Finally available in Germany

In North America, Microsoft had already offered the Xbox tariff at the time of the Xbox One – customers could pay off the console in a bundle with the Game Pass in installments. The same offer was repeated for the Xbox Series X | S and is now arrived in Germany after a year.

If you want to secure the Xbox Series S with Game Pass membership, you will 24.99 euros per month charged over 24 months. For the Xbox Series X, however, it is 32.99 euros. After the 24 months have expired, you can of course keep the respective console. (Source: Xbox)

Microsoft with a new gaming tariff offer

In Germany you can the Xbox tariff currently at the participating retailer Cyberport to back up. According to Microsoft, more shops are to be added soon. In Switzerland and Austria, the “Xbox on installments” offer is expected to be launched next year.

To what extent Microsoft wants to bridge the console shortage with Xbox All Access and whether contingents of the next-gen consoles will now be easier to obtain, has yet to be found out.

In our video we show you the best accessories for the Xbox Series X | S:

With Xbox All Access, Microsoft is bringing a kind of tariff offer to Germany with which gamers can pay for a next-gen console over a period of 24 months. Whether the move will improve the availability of the Xbox Series X remains to be seen.

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