Xiaomi 12 Ultra: The next Android flagship could look so chic

With the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the next China flagship is just around the corner. Chic concept images show what that might look like. The designer mainly took care of the back.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Concept images show a second display

With the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the manufacturer is apparently using it again small display on the back. Just like its predecessor, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, additional information such as the time and the current charge level are displayed here. How could the rear display look like on the successor? A designer thought about it and created a render image (source: HoiINDI on Twitter). According to the design, the camera module and the second screen should no longer form a unit.

Xiaomi will also work hard again with the front display, which is rounded on the sides. It’s from one AMOLED display with 2K resolution and assume a high refresh rate. The diagonal should again go in the direction of 6.8 inches.

Another highlight of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra concerns the processor. The smartphone could be the first to hit the Snapdragon 898 puts. The next-generation flagship processor will be presented for the first time at the end of November.

Xiaomi recently presented the 11T: Details in the Video:

Xiaomi 12 Ultra with a spectacular camera

So far, there have been some rumors about the camera of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra in particular. The main sensor is supposed to be Images up to 200 MP can create. Slow motion recordings could be possible in full HD resolution with a record-breaking 1,920 frames per second.

Xiaomi could also achieve top values ​​with the battery. This should be wired to charge with up to 200 watts. Already after a few minutes on the charging cable the smartphone would be back at 100 percent. We will learn more about this in December 2021 or January 2022, when the cell phone is likely to be presented.

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