Xiaomi: What the Stiftung Warentest really thinks about the China cell phones

At Stiftung Warentest you are certain. Xiaomi smartphones are particularly good in one category, while Apple and Huawei almost completely fail there. Only Samsung can even begin to keep up in terms of battery life.

Stiftung Warentest: Xiaomi smartphones with the best battery life

Stiftung Warentest has determined that OnePlus is the best smartphone brand. The Chinese company integrated into Oppo builds the best smartphones on average. But not in every area. If the battery life is particularly important to you, then you should resort to another manufacturer from China. According to the Stiftung Warentest, Xiaomi offers the smartphones, that last the longest on average (Source: Stiftung Warentest).

The Stiftung Warentest has had countless smartphones in the test since 2016. Xiaomi has had 21 so far. However, these always have in the tests a very good or good battery life required, so that the Chinese company took first place by a long way on this point.

Xiaomi not only leads a little, but clearly ahead of Samsung. The smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer landed on the 2nd place. It is followed by Oppo, Motorola and OnePlus. Huawei is far behind in 6th place, Apple even only ranks 11th. That could change with the new generation, because the iPhone 13 are doing well in this area.

Xiaomi smartphones are also convincing in terms of charging speed, as can be seen in the Video sees:

Xiaomi smartphones do not convince in every discipline

If you are looking for a smartphone with a very good battery life, you will most likely find a model at Xiaomi. In the field of On the other hand, you have to make compromises with the camera. Apple is in first place there. It is followed by Google, Samsung and Oppo. Xiaomi can only be found in fifth place. But that should change with the new generation Xiaomi 11T Pro.

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