YouTube Announces Ban on Videos Spreading False Vaccine Information


The video platform Youtube reported that to continue the fight against the spread of false information, it has gone one step further and establish stronger measures to combat misinformation, especially on vaccines that quickly appears on social networks, so it will ban all content about anti-vaccines.

According to the platform, Not only will videos that may give false information about vaccines be removed and not only those that are against Covid-19, but all those that are approved by the health authorities local authorities and the World Health Organization. To do this, Google added these new guidelines to its medical disinformation policies.

Youtube will say goodbye to all kinds of publications or videos that in one way or another promote or make general statements against vaccines that have already been approved and some examples are:

  • False accusations that vaccines can endanger health or cause chronic effects such as autism, cancer, or fertility.
  • Affirmations that being vaccinated does not reduce the contagion and / or transmission of other diseases.
  • Content that gives false information about what vaccines contain or the inclusion of other substances that allow people to be tracked.
YouTube against vaccine misinformation

YouTube has gotten serious about its new policies | Source: Pixabay

What content can be published?

YouTube explained that the contents related to vaccines can continue to be published, but only to those who share clips of users who tell their experiences with vaccines, without violating community guidelines, or that are not from channels whose content has a pattern that raises doubts regarding vaccination.

This new measure is to fight misinformation, but it is not the only one it has adopted, as it also suspended some channels of people who are the most important anti-vaccine activists in the world, such as Robert F. Kennedy JR and Joseph Mercola.

During last year Youtube deleted more than 130 thousand videos that violated policies related to vaccines against Covid-19.


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