5 times Conor McGregor lost his temper and attacked non-professional fighters


Conor McGregor’s most recent altercation, this time in Italy and against a musician and DJ, leads us to recall some of the problems the Irish fighter has gotten himself into when attacking non-fighters.

Conor McGregor attacks Stephen Espinoza

This case dates back to 2017 before Conor McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather. During their press conference in Los Angeles, both McGregor and Mayweather took turns addressing the media from the podium. Mayweather maintained a certain degree of decorum while McGregor said his thing.

However, when it was Mayweather’s turn to address the media, McGregor refused to shut up, interrupting his speech with taunts and jokes. Showtime executives were forced to turn off their microphone.

In response to this “sabotage,” Conor McGregor turned to Stephen Espinoza, and went on to attack the Showtime boss, calling him a “fucking weasel.” However, Esponiza later revealed that Showtime was not responsible for cutting any microphones during the press meeting.

Conor McGregor jumps into the cage and argues with referee Marc Goddard

Shortly after teammate Charlie Ward posted a KO victory over John Redmond at Bellator 187, Conor McGregor jumped onto the cage to celebrate with his comrade.

A moment of jubilation that soon soured after the referee in charge, Marc Goddard, blocked McGregor’s path to remind him of his conduct. However, the former two-division UFC champion didn’t take this interruption well, leading to a fight with Goddard.

Once Conor McGregor was escorted out of the cage, he tried to make his way back, but was stopped by another official. This time, he refused to hold back and took it out on the official.

Conor McGregor hits an older man in a bar

Conor McGregor has made headlines after hitting an older man in a Dublin pub called The Marble Arch. The conflict took place after Conor McGregor walked into the pub and offered to pay for a round of Proper Twelve whiskey for everybody.

However, the victim, Desmond Keogh, refused to please Conor, enraging the former UFC champion in two divisions. McGregor subsequently pleaded guilty to assault and was forced to pay a fine of 1,000 euros. In addition, he acquired the pub, named it “The Black Forge Inn,” and spent a fortune remodeling it from scratch.

Conor McGregor gets in trouble with the Kinahan cartel

Conor McGregor may have played several fights back in the day. However, it was this instance that could have had the greatest consequences. Reports suggested that she had messed with a man in his 50s who had alleged ties to the Kinahan cartel in Dublin.

The man McGregor punched was the father of a convicted drug dealer, Graham “The Wig” Whelan.

Conor McGregor has a heated argument with Machine Gun Kelly

In one of Conor McGregor’s latest antics, the MTV VMAs, the Irishman and rapper Machine Gun Kelly got into a heated exchange, on the verge of a physical fight.

In several videos McGregor is seen pouncing on the rapper, who was protected and being held by a security team, and his partner, Megan Fox. Although security managed to avoid the chaos, McGregor was seen throwing a drink at them as they drove away. .

Early reports of the incident suggest that she was hoping to take a photo with the rapper, who declined to do so. However, the McGregor camp later dismissed these reports as false.

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