Public can now access 575 sports activities through the ‘QSFA’ mobile app

Qatar Sports for All Federation unveiled the 365 Active Programme on Thursday. The programme will run throughout the year aiming at the physical well-being of people. Through its mobile app ‘QSFA’ the public can access the 575 sports activities organised by the programme. The activities are open to all and are free of charge.

When will the activities take place at the Lusail arena? 

At the Lusail Arena, activities take place from 3 pm to 6 pm for men, and 5 pm to 7 pm for women.

What are other activities under the 365 Active Programme?
Every week, there will be marathons at the parks and a free fitness class is also available to the public. There will be a fitness trainer at the fitness class who will act as a guide throughout the session.
QSFA mobile app

QSFA’s mobile app will assist people in finding the most convenient locations to practice sports. The app will also help people to track their progress and daily activities

QSFA competitions and championships

There will be many events and competitions occurring in the near future, including the QSFA Swimming Championship on March 8; the QSFA Fencing Competition on March 12; the Learn Football Skill – Naija East Playground on March 17; the QSFA Padel Championship for Men on March 14; and the Fursan Championship on March 26.

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