“Charles Oliveira is scary, he terrifies his rivals”: Lance Gibson Jr.


Lance Gibson Jr., son of the veteran of UFC Lance Gibson, and stepson of the former champion of Bellator Julia Budd, talk about Charles Oliveira in a recent interview with The fighter also from the company chaired by Scott coker, that tonight will face Raymond Pina on Bellator 268, says the 145-pound world champion of UFC it’s frightening.

Lance Gibson Jr. talks about Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira is so lethal and I think he has been, in addition to [Dustin] Poirier, the most underrated. It is absolutely deadly from any position. Wrestlers hit him and he scares them all the time. Every time they hit him, they are terrified of what he can do. Either he’s attacking your ankle with a heel hook or he’s immediately subduing you with a front choke or guillotine. It has so many different variations of all aspects.

“I think that guy is really deadly. Anything can happen. Michael Chandler did a fantastic job against Oliveira. You have Dustin Poirier, who is skilled and still underrated after proving himself many, many times. The lightweight division, I think, will always be a tricky thing because anything can happen and the new guys are constantly developing and improving.«.

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