Conor McGregor threatens to share a video of Tony Ferguson’s wife


The recent dispute Conor mcgregor vs. Tony ferguson that for the moment remains verbal continues to give people talk. Now with the Irishman threatening to share a video of the American’s wife. This after “El Cucuy” said that “The Notorious” is mentally weak and mocking his alleged attack on the Italian DJ.

Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson’s wife

McGregor responded to those words in a social media post that he later deleted:

“My God, God bless you boy. Sad case mental problems. I am going to share the video of your scared wife that they sent us of you screaming and crying while destroying your house. What a sad bastard you are. Without brain. Empty head. Losing streak. Without management. Your wife sends us scared videos.

Then the same native of Ireland posted this other tweet:

«They convinced Tony to sign with another agency with the promise that he would get a baseball contract hahahaha a fucking baseball contract. Now he’s in a legal mess with those people hahaha, don’t bother, José Canseco, what do you think would happen with that empty head? ».

Tony ferguson
Tony Ferguson | Image: Stephen McCarthy / Sportsfile

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