Conor McGregor warns that his power has increased by 50%


Conor mcgregor continues to recover from his severe leg injury and warns potential opponents that his power has increased (via Twitter). Certainly from what we have learned, the healing after the surgery has gone wonderfully, she has never had a problem in the past. It is still too early to know when he will return to the cage of UFC but the Irishman is very confident in what he will be able to do from now on, after everything he has done so far.

Conor McGregor alerts UFC fighters

– Conor, you have people much smarter than me advising you, but I wonder if you can explain briefly how it will help you put on more muscle. With more muscle, won’t it drain you faster? Sure you will be stronger, but isn’t there a possibility that you will also be slower?

– There are pros and cons to everything. I couldn’t move in the last 3 months so I was working with heavy weights and moving them. Repetitively. Play with the cards that are dealt to you. My power has increased more than 50%.

“The Notorious” has one of the strongest hitting powers in the 155-pound division. and if this increases it will be really interesting to see what happens when you hit your opponent. But that really won’t be known until I do.

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