Cory Sandhagen asks UFC to incorporate open scoring


Cory Sandhagen lost by split decision to TJ Dillashaw in his last fight in UFC, although many believe that he should have won, and wish there was open scoring. “The Sandman” believes that it would be much better for everyone if the fighters’ corners could see how the judges are scoring live, as they begin to do in their home state, Colorado, in boxing matches and MMA, following the example of Kansas.

Cory Sandhagen wants open scoring in UFC

Here we read the words of Cory Sandhagen to The MMA Hour:

«I think open scoring would be good. I know I would have really liked the open scoring in my last fight. I was also a bit hesitant about it earlier. But I don’t really see what the problem would be. What harm could it do?

In all other sports, you get to know the score. What harm could an open marker do? I don’t see any harm it could do. In any case, I think that would make the fights more exciting because the third round and the fifth round, if the guy knows he’s down, it could be a huge advantage.. And I think it would be very fair.

Cory Sandhagen responds to criticism of TJ Dillashaw for interim title

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