Daniel Cormier, to Jon Jones: “We will never be friends, but it’s time for a change”


Daniel Cormier recently shared extensively his views on the arrest of Jon Jones And although it seemed that he could not be clearer with his comments, with his advice, with his words to his staunch rival in UFC, the former two-division champion speaks again, this time speaking on his channel Youtube.

Daniel Cormier advises Jon Jones again

“It saddens me that your daughter said (to) call the police. That’s what makes you sad. All those little things that you have to think that no matter who you are, what kind of person you are, those things really have to make you look inside yourself and make a decision. Because nobody is perfect, but in a moment you have to make a decision not only for yourself, for your daughters, for your fiancée, for your family, for everything. I think now is that time.

Time for wholesale changes. Cause now, you’re seeing that [Mike] Winkeljohn left, (Greg) Jackson left, Malki Kawa left, Abraham Kawa left. All of your greatest allies are starting to crumble, one by one. So when you are left alone, how do you respond? And you start to hear voices screeching. All the doubts, the questions about how you ended up there, how do you deal with it? For people who have problems, they usually don’t handle them very well. So this is a great time for Jon Jones.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

We don’t kick people when they’re on the ground. In all the preparation (of their fights), when we said nasty things about each other, we talked about each other, that is in the construction. That’s when this guy is on his game, he’s getting ready to fight. But when a man is down, you don’t kick him. Wait until he recovers. Right now, it’s the furthest thing from standing. This is a bad place for Jon Jones, especially when the Allies start to wane.

“From me to this guy, we will never be friends. But human to human, you have to fix your problems. And show some remorse. Before hitting the send button on those tweets, you need to think about what you’re saying. It seems that you tell yourself so many lies that you start to believe them. Do not lie to yourself. Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth and then find some answers, otherwise nothing will change. Because you are actually near the end.

Jon jones
Jon jones

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