Francis Ngannou: “The fight with Ciryl Gane is not at the level of the fight with Jon Jones”


Francis Ngannou is going to expose the world heavyweight title of UFC in view of Ciryl Gane on January 22, 2022 at UFC 270 and recently the contender, currently also interim champion, he said not to fear the power of his opponent:

This does not scare me. You see, with Derrick Lewis, he also had great knockout power. Derrick Lewis is also a beast. But it was not a problem. When you watch the fight, I stayed inside like that with his punches. It was not a problem. A heavyweight like me, I can also hit like that with great power. But no, it is not a problem for me.This doesn’t really scare me.

Francis Ngannou talks about Gane and Jones

Now Ngannou also talks about what will be his first championship defense during his interview with The MMA Hour. And believe that It’s not as big of a match as you could have with Jon jones.

Not particularly. But it’s a good fight. You have to be aware of the danger of any fight so it’s a fight, it’s a good opponent, but not at the level of a Jon Jones fight, for example, if that is what you are asking. Is not the same.

“At this point, I don’t know much about what will happen in the future. I don’t get stressed about it. What will happen will happen. I wish that fight would happen, but I’m not sure anymore. It will be OK.

«There are so many good fights out there if all goes well, there are so many fights you can do and it would be a good fight, so let it all happen.

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