Gokhan Saki reveals the reason for his sudden exit from the UFC


In mid-2017, Gokhan Saki made his entrance to UFC as a renowned kickboxer but ended up leaving the company in early 2021 without success. He only had two fights, winning the first by knockout in the first round and losing the second by technical knockout also in the first round. He has not returned to compete yet but this Saturday, October 23, he will make his return to kickboxing facing James McSweeney in the Glory Collision 3 event.

Why did Gokhan Saki leave the UFC?

Looking back while talking to The MMA Hour, Gokhan Saki revealed the reason for his departure from the UFC.

«After the first fight I had too many injuries. My body just wasn’t used to this. Then I spoke with [el matchmaker de UFC] Mick [Maynard] about not being able to do it anymore. I was at the point where I was scared to go to wrestling training in case I was going to get injured again. So mentally, I was done.

“I spoke to Mick and told him about the situation, and he understood me, and the door was open to go to kickboxing. It was very difficult for me, because they gave me so many opportunities, and I felt that I needed to give something back to them. But I could not. So it was very difficult to call them and explain this to them, because I know what a fighter I am, and I know my own mindset, and for me, it’s difficult to call the promoter and the matchmaker and tell them. But there was no other option for me«.

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