Jorge Masvidal: “Jake Paul is making fun of everyone”


Jorge Masvidal was one of the possible opponents mentioned for the next match of Jake paul, who will fight against Tommy fury a week before Christmas in Miami if all goes well. The controversial boxer and youtuber leaves the former fighters of UFC to face a real fighter. Maybe “Gamebred” is next. Although he also has a rival: on December 11 he will fight against Leon edwards on UFC 269.

Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul’s offers

Jake paul

They are both busy but Jorge Masvidal talked about Jake Paul recentlye in The MMA Hour.

«The UFC don’t give a shit about his face. So the problem is that I signed with the UFC, so I have to do what they say, and they pay me bigger checks. This guy talks a lot about, ‘I’m going to write you a check for $ 50 million,’ but look at the pay-per-view he’s selling. He’s not writing 50 million dollar checks to anyone. You don’t have that money. He’s making fun of everyone by saying that.

“Right now, where I am in my career, I’m going to fight the best fighters in the world. We can both agree that in the goddamn UFC and at 170 pounds, there are a lot of good guys I can beat. And I’m going to get the most money for it, bro.

«And when I’m done defeating world-class fighters, this bum will still be around – I’ll go cash a quick paycheck for hitting him so fucking hard in front of everyone. Those kinds of options will always be there. But right now, when I’m in my prime, I have to do things that people in their prime do, and that’s fighting the best in the world. He is not in that conversation«.

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