Michael Bisping rebukes Conor McGregor for his latest incident


A few days ago famous Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti accused Conor McGregor of attacking him and breaking his nose at a party. Then a new barrage of criticism fell against the UFC star due to the same incident but also because it is not the first, it does not seem that it will be the last. Over the years the native of Ireland seems to be getting worse. Among all the criticisms now appears that of Michael bisping, who spoke about what happened on his channel Youtube.

Michael Bisping rebukes Conor McGregor

I’m not a fan of this guy (Conor McGregor), you know? I don’t think anyone is a fan of this guy, you know, and I think he’s going to run out of steam soon. The train is going to run out of power, you know what I mean? He can’t go on like this and one day he will choose the wrong person. And by the way, the old man at the bar, Machine Gun Kelly and DJ Francesco Facchinetti, they’re not tough guys.

I’m not trying to sound tough on my own, but he’s not starting with me. It seems that Francesco Facchinetti could not get out of a wet paper bag with his fists. Machine Gun Kelly looks like the biggest wimp you’ve ever seen in your life and the old man at the bar is an old man at the bar. If you are that tough, go ahead and pick someone your size because someone not your size is not difficult right? Someone who can fight.

You are a professional fighter. You are supposed to be looking for challenges, but what he’s essentially become at this point is a bully and no one likes bullies«.

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