MoI reports over 180 violations of Covid 19 precautionary measures in Qatar

Doha: The Ministry of Interior in Qatar is working hard to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in Qatar. They have intensified their efforts to take action against the people who violate the precautionary measures. Over the past few days, Qatar is slowly lifting the restrictions which were imposed for the prevention of Covid 19.

A total of 187 violations were reported today in the country. The officials of the MoI referred the people to the Public Prosecution for the violations. Out of the 187 people 178 were caught for not wearing the masks in public. The officials have made it mandatory for people to wear masks in public. And the rest nine people were booked for not maintaining social distancing.

The number of precautionary measure violations is increasing steadily in Qatar. Till now, there are more than a thousand violations of the precautionary measures against the Covid 19 in Qatar and all the violated ones were referred to the Public Prosecution for their respective violations.

“In line with the cabinet decision based on Law No. 17 of 1990 regarding infectious diseases, the competent authorities referred several people to the Prosecution for violating COVID19 preventive and precautionary measures in force,” Ministry said in a statement.

“The competent authorities call on the public to adhere to the precautionary and preventive decisions in force to protect them and others from the spread of the Coronavirus in society,” the statement added

MoI and health authorities have been continuously warning the public to follow precautionary measures like wearing masks, following social distancing, and restricting the number of people in vehicles to fight the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading.

The health authorities and MoI in Qatar are consistently warning the people in the country to strictly adhere to the Covid 19 precautionary measures. The increasing amounts of Covid 19 cases and the new Delta strain of the virus is causing a major threat to the country. People should wear masks in public, follow social distancing and should adhere to the restricted amount of people in vehicles.

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