Nate Díaz answers Conor McGregor: “I turned you into a wrestler”


Conor mcgregor criticized the boxing of Nate diaz Recently praising his older brother, Nick Diaz.

«Nate, your boxing is crap compared to Nick’s. They’ve fed us trash with your sloppy punches over the years. I can see the clear difference between the two brothers after last night. Balance, composure.Your older brother is on another level. I made you.

Nate Díaz answers Conor McGregor

Now “The Stockton Slugger” responds to “The Notorious” too in social networks:

Conor McGregor, is my boxing crap? I smashed your face, turned you into a wrestler, and then I strangled you, bitch; in fact, all your country and your people are mine. I also did that fight and you took the bait. Then I kicked Jorge Masvidal’s ass. Don’t forget that I spin this shit.

Also, Nate Diaz continues to hint that he is preparing for a fight.

«I am fighting with someone«.

Although at the same time it seems that also he’s looking forward to a third fight with Conor McGregor. And it’s certainly in all likelihood going to happen before they both retire as fighters. It is a fight that has to happen. But, for now, everything remains in the statements of the two, waiting for one day to start talking with UFC.

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