QatarDebate organizes the 2nd American Universities Arabic Debating Championship in Chicago

Doha: The second American Universities Debating Championship in Arabic is being organized by QatarDebate, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development.
34 of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America are participating in this championship hosted by the University of Chicago. The centre announced that this edition of the tournament will feature 150 competitors representing 40 teams from 34 universities, and will last three days.
60 arbitrators moderate the tournament, which discusses a number of current and comprehensive issues, taking into account the American context in some cases.
QatarDebate has prepared all participants for the tournament by organizing an intensive training program in Arabic over the past few days. In addition, the centre organized workshops for arbitrators to help them refresh and revitalize their concepts.
QatarDebate’s trainer, Nadia Darwish, explained that the training workshops covered several topics, including how to select winners and justify their decision. In addition, she explained the difference between justification and feedback.
In addition to giving the arbitrators a test, they also completed a questionnaire that aimed to determine their level of understanding of the course material. This was to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that they would be able to avoid making mistakes and conduct rounds of the tournament in a professional manner.
QatarDebate has completed preparations for the tournament, which began last summer with workshops and additional training. Additionally, the team visited the tournament’s venue to check the venue’s logistical and technical details.
The work team assists ambassadors, some Elite Academy members, and a number of University of Chicago students with organizing and preparing. In 2019, Harvard University hosted the first American Universities Debating Championship in Arabic, which was a great success.

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