UFC vs. Bellator! Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson argue for best of 205 pounds


Who is the best light heavyweight in MMA? Jan Blachowicz, champion of UFC, and Corey Anderson, from Bellator, they discuss in social networks. It all started when the second named himself the greatest of all after his first-round TKO victory over Ryan bader in the semifinal of his company’s 205-pound tournament, as he heads for a fight in the final against the reigning champion of the company, Vadim nemkov.

Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson argue

“Then wait, A guy who ran away from the UFC after I put him to sleep and almost made him retire, who had a couple of second league wins and says he’s the best? Maybe I punched him too hard… There is no class to win or defeat Corey. There are levels to this.

“Let’s not forget. What happened to you the first time I left you looking like an elephant man? And you posted: ‘I need to go home and rethink my career.’ Yeah you knocked me out in our second fight (fluke?) But I hit you for 15 minutes straight, no luck on that«.

«He must have forgotten …«.

Blachowicz and Anderson first met in 2015 at UFC 191, winning Bellator’s by unanimous decision. The second time was in 2020 at UFC Fight Night, winning the UFC by knockout in the first round. Now a third tie-breaking fight would be interesting, and it would be much more interesting if Anderson won the title in his company and they will face each other in a shared event. But obviously that is not going to happen.

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