Carlos Felipe arrives to face Andrei Arlovski in a more athletic state


In what will be his 5th fight in the UFC, Carlos ‘Boi’ Felipe arrives to face former champion Andrei Arlovski in a more athletic state next Saturday in Las Vegas.

The Feira de Santana-BA fighter decided to change his physique, although he admits that he will be an “eternal chubby.” In the participation in the Mundo da Luta podcast, Boi explained how he did it to become slimmer.

«My coach (Edílson Teixeira), who is also my physical trainer and nutritionist, along with my coach and the whole team, understood that for the type of game I play it is always much better to be a little lighter. Even the power of the punch, we believe that the heavier, the stronger, sometimes it is not like that, when you hit faster, the power is greater and you have mobility »said the 26-year-old Brazilian.

Carlos Boi officially weighed 119.1 kg in the last fight of the division which has a limit of 120.7 kg for fights without a belt in play. He took the opportunity to warn fans waiting for him in the light heavyweight division, up to 93kg, that this is impossible to happen. “It was just this change in body composition, the scale is not very different. And that already serves as an answer for the guys who keep asking why I don’t go down to light heavyweight: only if I cut an arm or a leg. It is practically impossible for me to lose 93 kg », Held.

Carlos Boi arrives to face the more athletic Arlovski – Photo: Playback / Instagram

“The main person responsible for the change is food! I am fat, I like to eat myself, there is no secret! Ever since I debuted, I’ve always been on a diet to fight, every time I’m at camp. But I always run away in the middle of the week, sometimes I go to fight training and come out exhausted, then I come home at night and spar, and I say, “I think I deserve a pizza,” then I would eat the pizza. . This time it was over, I concentrated. Just to give you an idea, my junk food was temaki (Japanese food), which is not really that junk, “he said.

And closed about it: «The main reason was not a change in training, because I always train hard, it is something that I like and enjoy. It was more about food, it was more focused on diet.

About his confrontation with Arlovski he warned that he does not have any pressure to knock out, his fights were always won by decision. If it comes, great, but the important thing is to stick to the strategy. «At the best moment the knockout will come. If you want to do it anyway, I’ll get out of the way and pay a price for it. I like to put on a show, knockouts are a consequence, it comes once », Hill.

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