Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) honors musician Hamed Al-Nama

Doha: On the 4th of October, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) will honour musician Hamed Al-Nama for his creative career and creativity spanning over fifty years. In the future, a book on Al-Nama’s life and career will be published, as will work on a “global symphony” he created with Katara as part of a collaborative effort.

Since its inception, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) has honoured Qatari creators in recognition of their work and generosity as part of its many cultural initiatives. This includes national projects that honour the country’s creative leaders who have made significant contributions in intellectual, literary, and artistic fields. One of Qatar and the Gulf’s most prominent art and music figures, Hamed Al-Naama has contributed several works, symphonies, and national operettas.

In 1975, he graduated from Cairo’s Higher Institute of Arabic Music, becoming the first Qatari musician to specialise in this subject. He subsequently went on to obtain a master’s degree in the Philippines in musical composition and orchestral arrangement. In Britain, he also pursued a career in orchestra management. He established Qatar’s Institute of Musical Arts in 1980, graduating a large number of Gulf and Qatari artists.

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