Dvalishvili explained the viral videos on the frozen lake


Merab Dvalishvili would not be an MMA fighter if he did not seek concentration in part of his training on a frozen lake, he already tried it once when he decided to jump into the frozen pond in the hope that the ice sheet on the surface would be what finest possible, but he got the big surprise and almost broke his head, he had to be treated in a hospital for a severe cut. Since that video went viral

In the real world, it hasn’t always worked so well for the 30-year-old Georgia native, although it has been entertaining for the rest of us.

Then the fighter tried revenge and also recorded it and it was very funny how he went to the lake with a head protector and gloves. From now on the video that he also uploaded to his Instagram account went viral.

Oh my God, that was painful.said Dvalishvili on Monday in The MMA Hour . “But more like, ‘Why did I do this?'”.

“Once I grabbed my head and felt it, my skin fell off”, said.

Back home in Georgia, the video was a victory. Television stations and comedy shows played the videos over and over again: the national wrestler broke his head in freezing water.

“Some people laughed, some people learned, some people called me stupid”Dvalishvili said. “But I’m fine. The next time he goes swimming, he will try to be a little more careful. I will jump in ice water, but in the smart way, without breaking my head “, Hill.

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