Easily prevent ads from tracking you on iPhone

iPhones care a lot about protecting the privacy of their users, so they are constantly working to provide features that protect it.

In the latest update, Apple introduced a set of new features aimed at preventing ads and advertising companies from tracking iPhone users.

One of these features helps you prevent ads from tracking you online, which means that when you search for an item, ad sites won’t know that you’ve searched for it and so you see lots of ads about that item.

Prevent ads from tracking you with the new iPhone feature

Apple relies on App Tracking Transparency to prevent apps from tracking you across all your websites, phone and internet usage.

This method works by having apps tell Apple which permissions they want to access, so the user can prevent the app from tracking them or not.

So when you open an app that is trying to track you online, the system asks you whether or not you want to let the app track you.

And you can use the application even if you click on Do Not Track, so you can choose what you want without fear of the application working.

These permissions and questions also apply to Apple’s applications that it has developed independently of third-party developers.

So there are no exceptions to this rule and this feature, and you can modify the permissions of the applications and have the applications follow you as you wish.

You can control this feature by following these steps:

If this is your first time running the app, the system will ask you if you want to let it track you.

Or if you want to modify the permissions of other applications and know which applications are following you, you can do so through the following:

Head to the Settings app on the phone, then choose Privacy and then Tracking, and you can turn off the tracking feature for all apps.

By turning off the tracking feature across all applications together, this means that you will not see the question whether the application is allowed to track you or not.

There is another set of features that you can use in the iPhone to be able to prevent the application from tracking you or accessing your data.

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