Facebook announces new holiday shopping events

The social media company starts the holiday shopping period with new series An e-commerce focused event that aims to encourage the use of Facebook and Instagram stores, while also looking to provide more support to small and medium businesses, with a focus on black-owned businesses.

The company has launched a new series of daily live shopping events, on both Facebook and Instagram, that showcase the latest trends and gift offers.

According to the company, some of the biggest brands host live videos that let you shop the latest holiday trends from the comfort of your own home.

The project is an extension of the platform’s initial direct shopping experience, which was launched in May, as a way to capitalize on the growing interest in e-commerce.

The fear factor of missing out on live broadcasts, combined with time-limited offerings, could lead to a stronger buying response, and the company is looking to enhance this with this new offering.

Instagram also shows popular products in the Shop tab. In addition, Facebook has also launched a new discount program for shoppers who purchase through its apps.

“This season, we’re offering exclusive gifts to stores that are available when you buy through Facebook or Instagram,” the company said. You may find gifts like 20% off your first purchase and free shipping when you complete an eligible purchase directly through our apps.

“When you make an eligible purchase directly through our apps, you can also refer up to 10 friends to take advantage of an exclusive deal.”

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Facebook direct shopping

It’s not clear which brands or purchases qualify for these discounts, or if the company applies them at random. But alerts amplify shopping options and increase buying behavior through their apps.

The company is also looking to provide more assistance to black-owned businesses, in particular, that have been hit hard by the pandemic. “This year we continue to support businesses that need the most to encourage people to support small black-owned businesses,” she said.

The company added some new features to the Marketplace. Including new processes to arrange encounters and a new saved search option that alerts you to new listings that match your criteria.

The new encounter options are intended to provide more security in the process. The main plus is the ability to create a meeting plan with buyers and sellers across the market. And then share it with your Messenger contacts to let them know where you’re going.

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